Life in Pink (No More Anchors in Komodo NP?)

Last week James returned from Komodo National Park. We went there together last Easter. He brought a good news about the Pink Beach.

Stunning is the view of the beach. I was deeply awed by the beauty. I must tell you that the sand is not that pink, but with the help of some camera settings and if you look very closer, the sand is indeed pink. It is at the foot of green hills. The hills looks inviting I wanted to hike up but I was too shy should I encounter some native komodos. So, I kept a good distance and chose freediving instead.

The underwater life near the sandy beach offers few view. But when I swam like about 80 meters off the sand, I found a truly colorful life. Corals at its most festive moods, and fishes with their best outfit. Very merry and bright.

Apart from that, one thing disturbed me and my travelmates. The fact that many rubbish float and or rest at the bottom of the ocean floor and the fact that the very boat (and other boats) threw anchors and shattered the corals were a sad scene.

PURBA_PORTFOLIO_20photo of moi: James, this photo of anchor by moi.

Learned that anchors are banned here yet when I came there last Easter, anchoring was a a common sight. Some travelers and news outlets in 2015 have brought up this matter.

James told me that anchors are banned. Now they employ moors instead. Hallelujah! Hope tourim industry and tourists become more and more aware of the fragile environment!

pariwisata bahari di Indonesia masih belum memperhitungkan keberlanjutan. Salah satu contohnya adalah pemakaian jangkar pada kapal-kapal yang dipakai untuk mencapai tujuan wisata. Jangkar dengan mudah memporakporandakan terumbu karang. Salah satu contoh “terbaik” adalah Gili Trawangan di NTB. Terumbu karang di sana hancur akibat jangkar. Oleh karena itulah jangkar dilarang dan orang menambatkan kapalnya di jaringan temali. Penggunaan moor dianggap tepat karena meminimalkan kerusakan. Ini juga sudah dipakai di sejumlah tempat di Nusa Lembongan, misalnya.

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