Knocking on Heaven’s (Back)Door

And so here’s the picture that inspired the pose and the hashtag #wellhereIamLordknockingonYourbackdoor. I saw this when I visited Mi’s cousin in the small town of Kutoarjo last June. It hangs on a dusty wall, full of cobweb, but not necessarily unloved.Warner_Sallman

And then I remembered that some day in my youthful childhood, I saw the same picture in a friend’s house. I was stunned: Is this Jesus? He looks handsome.
And why is he wearing a robe?
And why is his hair that long?
And why is he knocking?

At home, we only had one picture on the wall: Mary in a robe and a scarf, holding baby Jesus. To me, to see the grown-up (visualization of) Jesus was something new.

And then I love architecture. I love old buildings. I love the stories about their backgrounds and how they still stand.  It perhaps began when as a child I used to live in an old Dutch house dated back to “Anno 1910”.

And it also began when I was visiting the historical Gereja Merah aka Christ Church in Melaka. The church was closed, so, I said to my friend, “Let’s go to the back door. Who knows there is a caretaker.” But no one showed up and we thought the pose was cool we repeat it again and again.

Please click on the gallery below for captions:

One day, I heard I Guess the Lord must Be in New York City by Sinead O’Connor on the radio. Thought, what a hilarious song! This particular line tickled me: “well here I am Lord knocking on Your back door.” AIt reminds me of that Guns & Roses’ song, Knocking on Heaven’s Door.

But I have to admit that only this December did I begin to research about the picture. Christ at Heart’s Door is a painting by Warner Sallman. Google images show many paintings were familiar to me, having been spun off into stickers, bookmarks and covers. And thought, wow, how Sallman had touched many lives through his paintings!

The painting is based on the book of Revelation 3:20: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock…” meanwhile, this picture on the wall, to me, is a far simpler than Sallman’s work and it is “based” (look at the caption) on Matthew 7:7: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

I am NOT playing God (or, playing Jesus) when posing. Never. It is an “asking pose”, if you will. And, just like that Harry Nilsson’s song, I am very fond of asking. It might sound greedy (wishes usually do) but then it’s only human nature! Am I right? No? Yes?


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