Collage, Insect Collecting and 10,000 Maniacs



Lately I been listening again to 10,000 Maniacs (10KM). Love their music and eccentric lyrics and also their albums and singles artworks, especially from Natalie Merchant’s and Rob Buck’s years. They often used photo collages, combining animals and humans and plants altogether. Think my love for collages had been resurrected by their artworks. And so, here’s some recordings which I recommend, both for the artworks, and the music:


  • These Are Days: I like the artwork the most. It combines a moth and a face. It makes me want to start a new hobby: insect collecting. Like the lyrics, this cover is something “you’ll remember”.
  • Our Time in Eden: a flower bouquet and a pair of lovers, possibly Adam and Eve.
  • In My Tribe: contains one of my fave songs, Hey, Jack Kerouac!
  • Campfire Songs: once again, human and nature in collage. This is their double disc greatest hits.


Check their great albums! Meanwhile, I will be checking books on how to start insect collecting.


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