The Portraits of the Artists as Young Individuals

Last December, I had the chance to dog sit two adorable individuals for a month, mother and daughter MJ and Brownie. MJ is black and white, just like the famous song, thus how she was named after (the main picture is her portrait). Brownie is like the complexion of her appearance. They are sweet and loving. I miss them already.

Tried my best to draw them, but every time our eyes met, we went awkward. I remember reading an article stating that animals consider even our friendliest gaze as not so friendly. Some dogs even feel threatened when stared at. So I chose to cheat the best way to make their portraits:

Here Brownie and MJ pose as Princess Bruna and Queen Maria-Gianna.

And then there’s Atlas, which I call Natacha. She is a rescue, adopted by Acionk since she was weeks old last July. She used to live under a deserted boat on the island of Nusa Lembongan. Now she lives in the mainland. Looks like she is bearing the whole burden of the earth (thanks to her look) but she is a sweet and kind girl.

Atlas poses as the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Cats are graceful creatures. The way the gaze, they way the walk (thus, catwalk), so elegant. Unfortunately, I never have cats as pets. So when I petted Obadiah, I was startled when he suddenly clawed my hand. That happened not only once. Since then, I keep a good distance while admiring them. So here are my attempts to make cat portraits when I only have little time to interact with them:

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Last week my friends and I drove uphill to meet Kitty, whose mother left Indonesia for good and gave him up for adoption. Her new mother thought his name is too sweet for him so she christened him Cemong after his "charcoal-smeared" face. As we drove home, Cemong was well behaved but did not stop meowing, like trying to engage us in an interspecies convo. For his felicity, we later added Felicio to his name (also after Felix the Cat). As Indonesians we believe that nomen is omen, we hope he will bring joy to his new family. So far I have several friends who never had any pets before and now adopted cats and dogs. And surprisingly, they become very good pa(w)rents. I too would love to adopt pets one day. To adopt and not shop. #adoptdontshop #adopsikucing #kucingadopsi #instacat #catsofinstagram #catmodel #doodle #pradass17 #portrait #aportraitoftheartistasayoung #cat

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Cemong Felicio wears Prada spring/summer 2017 ensemble.

And here is Obadiah, the cat who’s been here all the time. I promise to make a better acquaintance with him.

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Starting with the cat in the mirroir: Pangeran Obadiah came and adopted the house about 4 years ago (equals to around 39 years in cat's years) when he was a very young kitten. We named him Pangeran (prince) after his "ningrat", that is noble and royal, look. And since we wanted an exotic name we call him Obadiah or the shorter version, Abdi. Obadiah is intelligent, poised, friendly (especially when hungry) and not vocal. He possesses a big heart. He brought us four dead snakes as presents. He loves chasing birds, but loves quality sleep the most. Over the years Obadiah has developed his own personal style, choosing rugs and layers of clothes to (sleep on to) stay warm in this rainy season. #aportraitoftheartistasayoung #cat #catsofinstagram #petsofinstagram #maninthemirror #pradaaw14 #thecatwhostays #kucingdatangsendiri #adoptdontshop #catinthemirror

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Pangeran Obadiah wears Prada autumn/winter 2014/2015.


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