Welcome to Diving Comedy the Shop!

Find your feel good arts and crafts here:

1. Hand-stitched Pop Print Shark Bookmarks: based on my watercolor painting of 10 species of sharks found in Indonesia. DM me via Instagram to order.

etsyhiu (8)

2. The Diving Comedy 2018 Calendars: featuring marine creatures made of paper collage. The 2019 calendar (last page) uses week numbering. Click here to order.


3. Eggciting Dive Painted Eggshell Art: (cracked) eggshells as canvas, inspired by Alor underwater beauty. Currently for sale in Indonesia only. Click here to order.

4. Alor Fun Dive Hand Painted Hats: baseball hats as canvas and are inspired by Alor. You can wear it anywhere, to the beach or office! To order, click here.

5. Paper collage art: suitable for your bedroom, café, or any of your walls. I have two collections. Click Le Reve Vegetal and Gastronomy Fantasy to find out!

6. Kimeno Kimono Hanten Jacket: ‘Kimeno’ sounds fun, means ‘outgoing’ in Hungarian. The kimono hanten jackets will instantly upgrade your style. Order it via my Etsy shop.


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