My Bornean Friends

One cool afternoon, Mi made us tea. Asked her, “Where did you get this?”

She looked at the teaspoon’s back and smiled. “It’s from an airplane,” she replied, adding that she asked the spoon from a stewardess of (the now defunct) Bouraq as a kenang-kenangan—keepsake.

She said it was from her very first flight, from Surabaya to Samarinda. “Oh it was so exciting,” she said. She told me of the airplane, the service, the food, the seat, the view outside the windows.

Of the big island of Kalimantan, she said, “It’s a very big island. Very green, very vast. The rivers are big and long. One of the rivers, Mahakam, is like an ocean. It is very vast and very loooooooong,” she said, stretching her hands. And then she added proudly, “And I have cruised the river on a speedboat!”

I was totally amazed, inspired that one day I have to go to Kalimantan and cruise the rivers and enter the jungles….

New watercolor paintings featuring six notable species of Kalimantan 1. Kera bekantan—proboscis monkey 2. Beruang madu—sunbear 3. Enggang rangkong—rhinoceros hornbill 4. Badak sumatra—sumatran rhinocheros 5. Orang utan kalimantan—bornean kalimantan 6. Pesut—Irrawaddy dolphin And in case you haven’t known, Kalimantan is the second biggest island in this planet, a home of the equatorial ancient rainforests and, therefore, rich wildlife. Btw, more species to come! Have a great weekend! #MyBorneanFriends #doodling #watercolor #painting #kalimantan #borneo #wildlife #bekantan #proboscismonkey #beruangmadu #sunbear #rangkong #rhinoceroshornbill #badaksumatra #sumatranrhino #orangutan #orangutankalimantan #borneanorangutan #pesut #irrawaddydolphin #carnivalsofanimals #divingcomedy

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My Bornean friends have some things to say to you 1. Ranga the ground dwelling orangutan: Eat more greens! 2. Nasika the proboscis monkey: Fruits make your skin glow! 3. Surya the sun bear: Meat lovers must become vegetable lovers. 4. Kapota the rhinoceros hornbill: Oh, stop this talk about eating! Let us, regardless the quality of our voices, sing more often! 5. Gandaka the Sumatran rhinoceros: Make your next trip a nature vacation—forests, jungles, plains, mountains. 6. Matsya the Irrawaddy dolphin: And to incredible bodies of water: rivers, lakes, oceans! My Bornean Friends is an amateursih animation, adapted from my watercolor paintings, starring six notable species of Kalimantan, my (second) hometown. More species are to come via @divingcomedy Btw, which one is your favorite? #MyBorneanFriends #doodling #animation #watercolor #painting #kalimantan #borneo #wildlife #bekantan #proboscismonkey #beruangmadu #sunbear #rangkong #rhinoceroshornbill #badaksumatra #sumatranrhino #orangutan #orangutankalimantan #borneanorangutan #pesut #irrawaddydolphin #carnivalsofanimals #divingcomedy

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