“Alor Underwater Merriment” Fun Dive Hats

If you live in Indonesia:

1. Name the choice of your hats (see the complete collection here) and DM me or email me to semsahala[at]yahoo[com]. Each piece is priced at IDR 430,000 or USD 34. Shipment cost in Indonesia is IDR 20,000 via JNE express mail.
2. I will give you the details of my banking account or Paypal address

3. Confirm your transfer and give me your complete address and phone numbers
4. All shipment within 1-2 days

If you live outside Indonesia:

You can use Paypal to make the purchase via my Etsy Shop. See the complete collection there.

About the artworks:

1. Each piece is unique. Ready to wear. Has been washed before painted.
2. Treated with heat to set the permanent inks, however, over time they can fade and “enhance” the appearance—in a good way. If must, handwash (infrequently, separately, very mild soap, cold water) or dry clean.
3. It is an interactive artwork. If the colors or outline fade, use permanent inks to repaint. This way, you fulfill one aim in the statement: to celebrate the joy of painting.

Artist’s Statement: Alor Underwater Merriment celebrates the joy of “mandi laut” or ‘sea bathing’, a term the people of Alor use to describe the act of plunging–snorkeling, freediving, scuba diving–into the sea to enjoy its beautiful yet fragile scenery. It also celebrates the joy of painting, something humans have been doing since before the invention of photography. By sharing the merriment, hopefully, art lovers will put Alor in their dream destinations list and continue to help conserve the underwater life.