Sem’s Services: Translation, Adaptation, Editing, Writing

Hi, my name is Sem Purba and I am a freelancer. My specialties include translating and adapting, editing and writing.

As a translator (English-Indonesian, Russian-Indonesian), I have translated and adapted cookbooks, manuals, press releases, websites and applications (apps).

I love editing texts too. I enjoy making texts people made more readable. I previously worked as an editor (Indonesian) at lifestyle magazines. I have edited various articles and books.

As a writer (mostly in Indonesian), my works have appeared in AutocarElleEsquire, FAOHarper’s Bazaar, Kompas, and Media IndonesiaMy articles have won several writing competitions, most recently about sustainable palm oil.

Sem Purba for Kompas 26112015

Please feel free to contact me regarding my services: translation, adaptation, editing and writing. Email me: semsahala[at]yahoo[dot]com or call me: (+62) 813 150 70 110.

Thank you