“Gastronomy Fantasy” Catalogue

Gastronomy Fantasy

Artist’s Statement: Food is no longer about survival, nor what is so-called lifestyle. Food has gone beyond them, while shrewdly “commands” our activities and brings us together (or in many cases, apart). Food has become a cultural actor in its own right.

How to order:
1. Name the artwork you desire (click each photo for details and prices) via mail semsahala[at]yahoo[com]
2. I will confirm the total fee (price of artwork and shipment fee) and give you my banking account 
3. Confirm your bank transfer and give me your complete mailing address and phone numbers

4. If you live in Denpasar, Bali, you can arrange your own delivery. If you live outside Denpasar I will mail the order via JNE express mail and will send the proof via email/online messenger (additional cost IDR33K within Bali or IDR50K outside Bali. The shipment will be handled carefully with bubble box and wooden box). All shipment within 1-2 days.
5. And if you live outside Indonesia, I will send them (without frames) via the traceable Express Mail Service.

PS: Three more paper collage artworks are listed via my Etsy store.